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girl trek victory

GirlTrek’s National PrayerTrek is an annual walking competition for Black churches to step out on faith and encourage their congregations to begin a daily walking routine.  From October 1-­9, thousands of prayer warriors hit the streets all across America to walk, worship and bear witness to their communities. The walking theme is the Nine Fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience (long-suffering), kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

This was my first year participating in PrayerTrek and for me, it strengthened my resolve and commitment to living a “well” life. Google says that the word “well” means “in a good or satisfactory way”. When I think of being well in mind, body, and spirit it means that I will:

  • Take time for myself
  • Walk at least 30-minutes per day for my health and strength
  • Pray for my family and community
  • Meditate on what the Lord would have for me to do in service to others.

Living intentionally is not an easy task but one that requires determination and dedication. Many mornings I honestly don’t feel like getting up and often find many excuses for not moving. Yet, with discipline and commitment, I refuse to let that mindset distract me from my goal…so I drag my butt out of bed anyway! Once I get up and get moving, there’s no stopping me. After a few stretches and deep breathing exercises I am ready for the world!

PrayerTrek was mostly a solo trek for me except on day seven when I participated in the Human Trafficking Awareness 5K with my church and GirlTrek sisters. Solo Trekking has been very therapeutic and a way to ensure I fit it all in by walking and praying at the same time. When I return home from my walk/run, I take a few minutes to meditate and hear from the Lord.

This past year I have made great strides in living well and eating well but there is always room for improvement. Upon completion of my PrayerTrek I am more committed than ever to doing better in every aspect of my life. I am committed to inspiring and motivating others to live well and to help them achieve balance.

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Rochelle Redding, M.S. is a wife, mother of four, and the owner and operator of Rochelle Redding Coaching and Consulting Services (RRCCS). RRCCS is a spiritually-based coaching service dedicated to helping women be their best selves and achieve wellness in all aspects of their life. Learn about life coaching services with Rochelle by clicking here.

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