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About Rochelle

Rochelle Redding, M.S. is a wife, mother of four, and the owner and operator of Rochelle Redding Coaching and Consulting Services (RRCCS). RRCCS is a spiritually-based coaching service dedicated to helping women be their best selves and achieve wellness in all aspects of their life.

Rochelle committed to her own health and wellness journey in 2015. Since then, she has been sought after by other women who are trying to achieve their own mind-body-spirit resilience that Rochelle has been blessed to cultivate in her life. Rochelle is most passionate about finding inner strength and balance by building self-awareness, tapping into spiritual values, and finding the courage to pursue your life’s purpose.

Rochelle has authored her first book “Finding Power and Purpose” which is her deeply reflective memoir, where Rochelle tells a memorable story of renewing her relationship with God and finding her passion and purpose to live a life of service. This is not only a memoir, but a guide for people who desperately want to walk in their God-given purpose.

Her extensive educational, professional and personal experience, along with her commitment to the community makes her a highly-regarded mentor, coach, and speaker.

“Rochelle has help guide me through my career as a young divorced mother of three. She coached and mentored me on how to mold and shape who I desired to be during tumultuous times in my life. She helped me navigate the ins and outs of the corporate world and brought me to a level of confidence and knowledge in both personal and professional life that only someone with their own excellence and successes could accomplish.” Debra Heisley-Downey

Rochelle’s story is an inspirational account of how one can take charge of his or her life (and circumstances) for a better outcome, even through adversity. Individuals don’t have to be defined by the negative experiences they encounter and Rochelle’s testimony is clear evidence of this. I found the book to be so uplifting and I have also recommended this to family members who are struggling to find purpose after divorce, changing life circumstances, etc. Through God, family, and personal development, we do not have to be held down by negativity and we can find a greater purpose to fulfillment. Highly recommended and so inspiring!

Courtney Keskinen

Getting Down to Business

Sometimes my approach may involve identifying “the elephant in the room”. By getting to the real problem that’s preventing you from moving forward and that you may not want to confront. By acknowledging the underlying issues, together we create opportunities for growth. Change comes when we’re able to deal with those areas of blockage. And if we’re honest, we see that those obstacles are deeply-rooted ways of thinking and being that often show up in our relationships, our careers, and all throughout our lives.

My role is to listen, ask questions and help you come up with the actions that move you towards your goals. Your role is to take action. Coaching mainly has the biggest impact between sessions in your daily life. To achieve growth, you have to do the work and my job is to hold you accountable. Success in one area produces success in all areas. My coaching sessions take place via telephone or video conference. A strong commitment by both of us is necessary to achieve lasting change.

Buy The Book

Finding Power and Purpose takes the reader on a dynamic journey from darkness, depression, and life-threatening health, to one of healing, self-love and alignment with God’s will. In her deeply reflective memoir, Rochelle tells a memorable story of:

· Healing her unhappy spirit and renewing her relationship with God

· Finding her passion and purpose to live a life of service

· Living well in the five key areas of mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances

If you have ever struggled to find your purpose in life, make changes that last, or achieve your goals, this book is for you. This is not only a memoir, but a guide for people who desperately want to walk in their God-given purpose.

If you are looking for inspiration to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life, this book is for you. Rochelle gives an intimate account of the challenges she faced in different stages of her life and lessons she took away from each. I know Rochelle on a professional level and have looked up to her as a mentor in my career. She is so successful in everything she accomplishes and you are drawn to her knowledge, confidence and peacefulness. It all makes sense now after reading her book that she has this calling to help others

Linda Convery

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