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Spiritual and Career Life Coach

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Bounced Back On purpose is a collaboration of over 300 women who have joined together to provide daily inspiration and motivation to the reader. This is not only a devotional but daily journal as well.

This book is full of Powerful Women of Purpose sharing inspiration, encouragement and life tips!  You will be empowered! You will be amazed! You will be Purposely Moved to Action! 

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Finding Power and Purpose takes the reader on a dynamic journey from darkness, depression, and life-threatening health, to one of healing, self-love and alignment with God’s will. In her deeply reflective memoir, Rochelle tells a memorable story of:

· Healing her unhappy spirit and renewing her relationship with God

· Finding her passion and purpose to live a life of service

· Living well in the five key areas of mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances

If you have ever struggled to find your purpose in life, make changes that last, or achieve your goals, this book is for you. This is not only a memoir, but a guide for people who desperately want to walk in their God-given purpose.

If you are looking for inspiration to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life, this book is for you. Rochelle gives an intimate account of the challenges she faced in different stages of her life and lessons she took away from each. I know Rochelle on a professional level and have looked up to her as a mentor in my career. She is so successful in everything she accomplishes and you are drawn to her knowledge, confidence and peacefulness. It all makes sense now after reading her book that she has this calling to help othersLinda Convery

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