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Managing Stress: Week 2

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Improving Your Mood with Nutrition


This week, we will be discussing food, vitamins, and minerals that help improve mood and sleep. A nutritious diet is good for us in many ways. The way that food interacts with our body chemistry supports us both physically and mentally. Here is a short list of vitamins, minerals, and foods that can help boost our mood.

B12 has been found to improve moods, as well as decrease muscle pain. Foods, such as avocados, are high in B vitamins and potassium (which helps decrease muscle cramping). Bananas are also high in potassium, contains tryptophan. Tryptophan converts protein to serotonin and helps improve sleep and improve moods. Melatonin is a supplement that is fairly easy to find at a drugstore, that also helps with sleep. Magnesium, in deficient amounts, contributes to muscle cramps, anxiety, and restlessness. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath can do the trick!

Time management also effects our meal planning. Often when we lack time, we do not eat as healthy as we should. I find that crockpot meals help tremendously with this. I simply gather the ingredients, follow heat settings per the recipe, and put portions in containers for the week. Using a crockpot, along with meal planning in general, decreases the urge to buy fast food. Plus, warm foods, like soups, are calming for the nervous system. Lastly, decreasing sugar and alcohol intake can help with extreme changes in moods.

This Week’s Stress Management Technique: Healthy Meal Planning

Action Item: For the next week, research healthy meals that will help with physical and emotional well-being. Record how you feel after the meals, particularly noting any changes in mood and sleep. Here are websites to get you started:

Next Week, We’ll Discuss Breathing & Meditation…

See you then!

Please note that the information in this blog is not intended to replace medical treatment or advice. Consult your physician before you make any major dietary changes.

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