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Set Yourself Apart by Establishing Your Brand

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Business and Branding | 0 comments

Black woman smiling in a fieldI’ve seen a lot of business cards, brochures, and presentations in my day. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen a lot of people using the same logos, stock photos, color schemes, tag lines, etc. as their colleagues…so after a while it all just blends together! Branding is what distinguishes you from everyone else. Colors, design, and presentation, are like magnets. They have the power to attract, or detract, your ideal customer or employer. There’s a lot that goes into having a well thought out, cohesive presence that helps differentiate you from competitors. Luckily, the internet is full of quality, affordable resources to help with your branding. Here are a few of my favorite sites:

  1. Colors: Colour Lovers is a website where you can create custom colors, palettes, and patterns. There’s a huge community of users on the site, so you can share ideas and get inspiration. Colour Lovers also has basic and advanced tools that even allow you to make photo inspired color palettes. For example, you can create a color palette based on a picture of your tropical fish simply by uploading it to the website! Did I mention this is completely free?
  2. Photos: Pixabay contains over 560,000 free stock photos, graphics, and videos. There are plenty of images on this site that are great for use in marketing materials. Most importantly, all of the content is copyright free and available for commercial use.
  3. Photo Editing: Now that you have your photos, it’s time to do some editing. Pic Monkey is a photo editing website that allows you to freshen up your photos. You can do all the standard editing, like retouching, cropping and resizing, with the free plan.

With these resources, your possibilities are endless! Here’s a tip to save you some time. Before using these tools, reflect on your vision and purpose for your career. What is it that you want to project out into the world? Jot down some words and phrases that speak to the heart of your work. Then, schedule some time for yourself to explore the tools on these websites and create the visual manifestation of the words you chose. This will help with the cohesiveness of your brand. Remember, perception is a huge part of branding. The words, colors and images you use tell a story that speaks for you when you aren’t around. Make sure it is saying the right thing.

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